Healthcare Analytics Conference For 2016 is Ramping Up with You in Mind

Dedicating time to learn more about analytics isn’t just about sitting through boring lectures, taking notes and never implementing anything that you heard.  Those days are long gone when attending the Healthcare Analytics Conference put together by Health Catalyst.  Dubbed HAS’16, this year’s summit will surpass the previous years with not only keynote speakers but content.

The first question that many potential attendees ask is why should they attend.  Unfortunately, this is probably the first step in the wrong direction.  Analytics is not just a new found idea that is being peddled as a fill in the idea until something new can be found.   Analytics has been proven and depended upon for years and in many different industries.  Healthcare is a little late to the game, but many healthcare organizations have jumped in with both feet and adopted all that analytics can provide, which is data-driven answers and processes.

Obviously, I can’t give away everything that will be talked about at the Health Analytics Conference, but let’s start with how healthcare can and is being transformed with analytics.

  • Improvements in both delivery and handling of medical practices
  • Big and small detail can be tracked and managed
  • Risk mitigation monitoring
  • Processes are improved for both facility and patients
  • Aids in the exploring and discovery of success and challenges within the system
  • Planning out policy and procedures becomes easier
  • Improvement to the overall sustainability
  • Utilization of clinical data

This is only a partial list of the possibilities that analytics in healthcare can help provide.  Due to the complexity of data that is being generated on a daily basis, and the need to make that data work for the system instead of just eating up space, implementation of analytics untangles the complexities, divides the data up in order to uncover patterns within, and helps to meet expectations in the healthcare system that patients and professionals are demanding.


The Healthcare Analytics Conference is not about sitting around listening to someone tell you how it should work but provides a forum with activities, examples and experienced people to walk through a new way of thinking and working in the healthcare industry.  Breakout sessions provide a more hands-on learning environment that explains a variety of areas that are influenced by analytics, including the clinical, operational, financial and leadership customs that are working and what can be improved upon.

All of this is extremely important because the healthcare industry is going through growing pains that are being forced upon them.  Expectations of better care, improved outcomes, better patient and physician engagement, more reporting, more transparency in all matters, and cost-cutting measures are only the beginning.  The transformation that needs to happen cannot transpire over decades or even years, but are in some cases was envisioned to be implemented yesterday.  Obviously, you can’t throw all these prospects on everyone all at once, nor can they be realized as quickly as some would like, but you don’t give up.  By utilizing the tools of analytics, you will find the best ways to work in these new demands into the system, as well as fine-tune them for each unique organization.

When you have information, whether it is positive or negative, you are able to make more fact-based decisions and meet the high-placed bar for all healthcare systems.  It is for this and a myriad of other reasons that Health Catalyst has developed and worked diligently to make the Healthcare Analytics Conference something of true value instead of another meeting that could be just as well condensed into a well-written email.  You will gain insights that are not available in any other situation, you will learn the value that is already established in your organization and you will understand how and why analytics is not just a buzzword, but the answer to your short- and long-term goals.

Careful consideration has been taken to make sure that there isn’t fluff information shared; you don’t need to be hammered by things you already know and are doing.  Taking a step to move from descriptive medical practices to predictive and then prescriptive practices will do more to serve the population you are working with than anything you currently are implementing.

Healthcare Analytics Conference

One of the greatest items that will be gained, other than knowledge, is the networking possibilities.  Sometimes being handed a golden goose but having to handle everything on your own can seem daunting.  There are great wealth and potential with the goose, but being able to rely on, fall back on and ask questions of those you have networked with will uncover the absolute potential, instead of only what you can envision.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you up, even if it feels like the sacrifices necessary are overwhelming; in the long run, more will be gained.

For many, improving their skill set while in the workforce is important to their personal career development. It is however sometimes a challenge, as there is no time to continue schooling while also working full time. This is where the importance of conferences like this common. The help you stay up to date on current industry trends while also learning new skills set that will help you do your job even better.